The nursery is required to meet stringent guidelines set down by the Scottish Executive and to provide a comprehensive educational programmed tailored specifically to the needs of the children. It is inspected annually by the Care Inspectorate and is also subject to inspections by Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Education (HMiE).

The nursery has regular contact with Perth and Kinross Council’s Education and Children’s services, which provides guidance on various areas e.g. setting the nursery’s Annual Improvement Plan and self-assessment of the provision.

Evie enjoying prawn crackersEach child is considered an individual and we work hard to pinpoint their developmental needs. They are encouraged to participate in activities which are particularly appropriate to them. Records are kept of each child’s development and pre-school reports are shared with parents and passed on to the child’s primary school.

The Curriculum for Excellence replaced the 3-5 Curriculum during 2009-10. Under this system, children’s views and interests lead the direction of learning topics. Once these are decided upon for a given week, active learning activities are planned to ensure curricular learning outcomes are met.

The 8 Curriculum areas are;

  • Literacy and English
  • Numeracy and Maths
  • Technology
  • Sciences
  • Religious and Moral
  • Expressive Arts
  • Social Studies
  • Health & Well-being

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