Kinnoull Hill Nursery Environment

The nursery operates within a positive, stimulating and safe environment. The emphasis is on free play and children are encouraged to choose their own activities throughout the morning.

These activities will be varied throughout the session as we adapt to the children’s developmental needs, but they normally include;

  • art and craft (painting, sticking, cutting etc)
  • playdough/clay
  • sand and water play
  • dressing up and role play
  • music
  • games and puzzles
  • writing and drawing
  • construction
  • book corner
  • physical play
  • circle time
  • small group time
  • outdoor play



The children are provided with a daily snack. The emphasis is on healthy food – fruit or vegetables are provided alongside a carbohydrate based item e.g. breadsticks, crackers, toast. Milk and water are available to drink.

We have daily “snack helpers”. This system of ‘running snack’ is in accordance with the Council’s guidelines.


Outdoor Play

Outdoor play in the church garden is available and encouraged most days. The activities depend to some extent on the weather.


Small Group Time

The children are divided into groups led by a designated “key worker”. The children collectively decide on their own group name. Each key worker is responsible (in conjunction with the other teachers) for assessing and evaluating the children in their group and planning appropriate activities.

Small group time talks place daily in the Upper Hall. During this time the children will be involved in a wide range of ‘focused’ activities, based on the 8 areas of the curriculum.

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